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Amir A. Shain

Amir is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles, California. Having received his Real Estate sales person license in October 2009, Then his Brokers license in 2016 from Allied Real Estate school. He practices in the State of California and before the United States Bureau of Real Estate. Amir is the sole owner and founder of the Real Estate Brokerage Alexander Lux Properties, located in the South Bay, California.

Amir practices in the areas of Residential Estate sales & Leasing, Commercial Real estate, and Property Managment. The South Bay Association of Realtors has recognized Amir with the “Rookie of the year ” award in 2011 for his work on behalf of the public, his openness to assist others, and his unwavering integrity to his clients. Amir provides full service representation to individual clients, business owners, & Landlord/ corporate entities in the core areas of wealth planning, Property Managment, and of course real estate transactions.

Amir served as a top producing agent with Shorewood Realtors in Hermosa Beach Prior to starting his own firm. He spent years working to learn in the nieghborhoods of Los Angeles, building his brand and clientele base from the ground up. Amir is a active member of the South Bay Board of Realtors and serves on the board of the Young professional Network or "YPN". He is also a member of the South Bay Real Estate  Investment group (FIBI), and the South Bay Real Estate E- Networking Networking group of over 850 Local Agents. Most recently, Amir has begun the Alexander Lux Academy, personally training  newly licensed, & seasoned agents to better facilitate transactions, he currently has 15+ agents under his employ.

Amir has participated in many transactions in several very different Real Estate markets, facilitating closings for a variety of Real estate related issues. As a Real Estate Broker he has successfully resolved deals both in the residential arena, commercial, and is an experienced short sale/ probate agent. Amir is a practical dealmaker and problem solver who's aim is to help you net the most amount of money for your home, without headache, in the shortest amount of time possible .

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